Annissa Piper

Senior Administrative Associate

Annissa is a Senior Administrative Associate at Johnson Price Sprinkle PA. She worked at JPS in 2004 and returned in 2013. She holds an Associate of Science with concentration in Business degree from Montreat College and is a native of Asheville.

Annissa provides administrative support to JPS and is frequently a face and voice of the JPS Asheville office. She executes and manages a variety of activities ensuring efficiency and organization within internal office operations, including processing tax returns, providing invoice and billing services, providing HR support to new hires, processing internal JPS payrolls..

Before joining JPS, she worked in a variety of professional office settings providing both exceptional customer care and administrative duties. Annissa is highly regarded by colleagues for her caring, skillful and dedicated approach. She genuinely takes pleasure in working with colleagues and clients to best serve their needs.

In her free time, Annissa spends time with her family. She especially enjoys encouraging her son’s imagination and appreciation of animals and nature. When able, she likes to draw and paint.

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