Cyber Security

Cyber security is a generic term used to describe the process of protecting computers and network systems, and is one of the fastest growing facets in the information technology world. The reason it is growing in importance is due to increased reliance on computer systems and the internet for day to day operation of all organizations.  Companies do not always consider the emerging cyber security threats that could impact their systems until after they are implemented.

Cyber SecurityAll organizations need to protect themselves from threats to computer systems which may come from physical as well as network access, and integrity of data should also be a top priority since data drives business decisions.

Most people understand that protection is needed against outside predators, but internal users cause more harm to small businesses whether intentional or accidental.

Let JPS help protect your organization from external and internal threats of your hardware, software, and data assets. Our Cyber security practice helps organizations protect against threats, expedite business transformation and pursue growth for your organization.  Our team has deep experience to help organizations design and implement their cyber security programs.

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