State and Local

Does your business operate in multiple states? Often business owners don’t consider certain activities to be conducting business in other states, leaving them exposed to potential taxes. If your business operates in multiple states, it is essential that you understand how each state’s tax laws apply to your business activities. Staying in compliance and on the right side of the law requires understanding nexus rules in each state and filing and paying all applicable taxes. As e-commerce retail and wholesale business models have stressed state revenues, states have increased their focus on tax compliance, changed interpretations of existing tax laws and established new tax laws. Businesses must be vigilant in order to comply with a variety of state and local taxes imposed on businesses and their owners. Each state has unique tax rules and underlying guidelines, and the application of these rules often results in distinctly different liabilities based on slight differences in the facts of a business structure or transaction.

At JPS, our tax specialists are experienced in the nuances of state and local taxation and take a proactive approach in guiding clients via our multistate tax compliance and planning services. We help our clients stay compliant with state and local tax rules. Our membership in BDO Alliance USA gives us direct access to experienced CPAs in virtually all states across the country. Our key services in this complex area include:

  • Tax return preparation
  • Nexus analysis for various taxes
  • Analysis of current and future posture and evaluation of exposure relative to income tax, franchise tax and sales tax liabilities
  • State and local tax planning, both strategic and transactional, and implementation
  • Audit defense and dispute resolution

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