Retirement and Fringe Benefit Plans

The retirement and fringe benefit plans that your organization offers can have a tremendous impact on many aspects of your business. Your plan structure can affect diverse areas including your ability to compete for talent in a highly competitive market to the tax advantaged retirement savings options available to management and ownership. It is critical that decisions regarding your benefits structures be informed and strategic.

At JPS, we can help your business develop benefit structures and alternatives that will help you meet both organizational and personal objectives. We understand the organizational and ownership tax effects that your retirement plan can have, and we can help you plan for tax minimization and wealth accumulation over the life of your business. Our business advisors can help you plan for value preservation by ensuring that you are minimizing tax liabilities while utilizing the optimal retirement and fringe benefit plans available.

Our retirement and fringe benefit plan services include:

  • Strategy and objective development
  • Plan structure and selection
  • Ownership tax and retirement planning
  • 401(k), 403(b) and other qualified plans
  • Fringe benefit planning
  • Compliance and reporting

To find out more about how JPS can help you create and preserve value with your retirement and fringe benefit plans, contact a JPS professional listed below.