Personal Planning

While everyone wants to stay on the right side of tax compliance, being compliant doesn’t require paying more than your fair share. State and federal laws provide many opportunities for tax planning including deductions, credits and other incentives for tax minimization.

At JPS, we can help you ensure compliance while planning for tax minimization for yourself and your family. We provide tax planning services to families, trusts and individuals designed to minimize tax liabilities within the framework of the law. Our team believes that proper tax planning requires not only a working knowledge of laws and regulations, but also a deep knowledge of your individual financial situation and objectives. That’s why our planning process always starts with a discussion of your financial situation and personal and family priorities so that we can effectively create your personal plan for tax savings. Our tax planning professionals will work to understand your entire financial picture, including both business and personal factors which affect tax planning.

Our personal tax planning services include:

  • Business income tax planning
  • Business incentive identification
  • Business structure planning for personal tax minimization
  • Federal income tax planning including personal credits, deductions and incentives
  • Estate, trust and gift tax planning

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