Accounting Fraud Detection

Computers and networks have given you many tools to be more efficient at running your business, but technology advances have also helped people commit fraud. Firewalls and anti-malware software protecting you from the Internet are not fraud prevention systems. In fact, recent reports conclude that you are four times more likely to be a victim of fraud from inside your organization than outside. Predators can be quicker, and more stealth in their fraud attempts using the same tools and techniques that make you more productive and profitable.

The first step in stopping fraud is identifying how fraud might take place against your organization. JPS is in a unique position to help you identify fraud using financial analysis, data analysis, and IT risk analysis. Let us help you harden your systems to prevent fraud against your organization from internal or external actors.

Our forensic accounting team provides a variety of services to our clients.  We conduct forensic analyses on the books and records through data mining analysis and assisting our clients with pertinent interviews and follow-up inquiries.

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