Internal Control

As a small to midsize business, your organization faces many challenges. From outside competition to market changes, many factors outside of your direct control can affect the success of your business. Yet even with so many outside factors to consider, your most significant risks often come from inside your own company. When internal financial controls are poorly designed or adherence becomes lax, your organization will experience increased risk from fraud, lack of compliance and incomplete or inaccurate financial data.

At JPS, our accounting and audit teams specialize in helping businesses mitigate financial risk with well- designed and monitored systems of internal control. We help clients develop control processes which identify, address and mitigate the areas of greatest risk, providing them with a plan to reduce incidences and impact of financial fraud or mismanagement.

There are risks you can’t control and risks you can control. Leaving the security and reliability of your financial accounting system to chance is a risk you can’t afford to take.

Our financial internal control services include:

  • Internal controls design
  • Internal controls testing
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Financial audits and reviews

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