Governmental and Institutional Consulting

For decades the traditional service platform that accounting firms have offered governments and institutions have been mainly based in audit services required to satisfy legal compliance requirements particularly with grants and oversight agencies.  These days that service platform has been focused soley on activities and projects dealing with individual account or fund activities, operational efficiencies, performance measures, and a whole host of other possible data relationships.  A particular benefit of this type of service is that it allows JPS to focus on forward looking issues instead of constantly looking at past results.

Projects our firm routinely has been involved in for these clients have included consulting and agreed upon procedures engagements that focus on specific details of the client’s operations.  These services allow us to tailor the service to the particular need and quantify the results in a much less structured environment that addresses the concerns or needs of the client.  These services and their results can be developed with the client to include a variety of procedures and results reporting that our clients find beneficial and responsive to the particular need they have identified.

Our consulting and attestation services projects can include:

  • Analysis of specific accounts, transactions or fund balances or their details.
  • Performance measures and comparisons to industry data.
  • Compliance with specific regulations, debt covenants or contractual requirements.
  • Evaluation and assessment of internal control activities over individual departments or activities.
  • Agreed upon procedures engagements.
  • Quality of earnings engagements used in evaluating possible mergers and acquisitions.
  • Litigation support engagements.

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