Forecast and Projections

For many businesses, establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with your bank and other creditors is an important part of doing business. Businesses that experience seasonal or periodic cash flow fluctuation can utilize a line of credit to help ensure that short term cash flow doesn’t get in the way of long term profit. Expanding businesses often need loans in order to make strategic investments in equipment or property to facilitate the growth of their company. Regardless of why you may need access to debt capital, a strong relationship with your bank will benefit your organization.

At JPS, we understand the importance of your banking relationships. We also know that the basis for any great banking relationship is the ability to provide timely, accurate and reliable financial information including forecasts and projections. Our team can help you establish and build on your trusted relationships with third party reviews of your financial forecasts and projections. Our experience, expertise and reputation can provide you and your creditors with assurances regarding your financial representations, allowing you to build strong long-term relationships that will bring value to your bottom line.

To find out more about how JPS can help your business build strong relationships built on trust, contact a JPS professional listed below.