Financial Statement Audits

As a business owner, there are times where your capital needs require you to assure third parties about the accuracy and reliability of your financial statements. Banks make loans based on financial information you provide to them, while investors rely on management provided financial statements to drive their decisions. When significant dollars are involved, your ability to create a high level of confidence in your financial representations is critical.

As a business owner or internal management member, you are an advocate for your business, creating an inherent conflict when it comes to sharing information with third parties. A financial audit can provide an objective, independent, third party opinion on your financial representations – allowing you to build the credibility and trust that you need with third party stakeholders.

At JPS, our experienced accounting and auditing teams provide audits according the high standards set forth by the AICPA. We have industry specific experience that allows us to bring unique insight to the audit process, ensuring that both internal and external audiences receive value from the process. Our audit teams work to build long-term relationships with our clients, allowing us perform effective and efficient financial audits, while making value added management comments and recommendations that will enhance your business and financial operations.

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