Agreed Upon Procedures

When your company needs assurance over an area of financial reporting, but may not need the level of broad assurance provided by a full financial audit, an agreed upon procedures engagement can provide tremendous value. Companies and third parties utilize agreed upon procedures engagements for a variety of reasons including providing a level of internal and external assurance regarding very specific subject matter. Agreed upon procedures are helpful for companies that might have concerns about a single aspect of their financials, internal controls or financial reporting, or want to have a third party review of specific financial reporting for the benefit of a specific contractual relationship.

In an agreed upon procedures engagement, the auditor follows a predetermined process and scope and issues a detailed report with the results of those procedures.

Our professionals can provide agreed upon procedures engagements to provide the assurance you need for any financial or operational reporting issue. We work with our clients to identify and perform set procedures to assist our clients in evaluating certain subject matters based upon their needs. Our team is experienced in developing and carrying out engagements that provide insight and value to our clients.

To find out more about how JPS’ agreed upon procedures can bring clarity and certainty to your financial information, please contact a JPS Professional listed below.