What To Do Regarding The Equifax Hack

Has your personal information been impacted by the Equifax data breach on September 7, 2017?

It is estimated that 143 million U.S. consumers have been potentially affected by this cyber security incident.  According to Equifax, the breach occurred from mid-May through July and names, social security numbers. birth dates, addresses and, for some, drivers license numbers, were obtained.  Credit card numbers and dispute documents with personal information were also obtained on many individuals.

At present, The Federal Trade Commission is recommending consumers go to Equifax’s website and first determine if you’ve been exposed. By clicking on the ‘Potential Impact’ tab and following the instructions, the site will inform you if you’ve been affected.  Whether your information was exposed or not, a year of free credit monitoring and other services will be provided.  By following the above instructions, you will receive a date to come back to the Equifax website and click ‘Enroll’ on that date.  The deadline is November 21, 2017 to enroll.

The Equifax breach is a huge debacle that already has many moving parts so remain updated on this important and unfolding incident.

Equifax website to determine if your information has been exposed: https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/