JPS Hosts Healthcare Practice Medicaid Meeting

Recognizing common challenges to payment amongst pediatric healthcare practice clients, JPS recently hosted a meeting to educate elected officials on eligibility and billing issues that have been encountered in working with the North Carolina Medicaid system.

On September 9, 2016, a group of healthcare practices serving WNC’s pediatric Medicaid population met with four elected officials at Johnson Price Sprinkle’s Asheville office. The two-hour meeting, facilitated by Mary Williams, JPS Vice President of Healthcare Services, allowed practitioners to share their concerns regarding the difficulties in navigating the NC Medicaid system.

NC Senator Terry Van Duyn, Rep. Susan C. Fisher, Rep. John Ager and Rep. Brian Turner listened and asked questions, and, subsequently agreed to further investigate concerns regarding NC Medicaid’s billing system.

JPS is proud to help bridge the gap in understanding and communication between pediatric healthcare practitioners and WNC’s elected officials. Together we can help WNC >Be Greater.

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