Driver turnover, increased regulation, insurance and safety issues, changes in fuel prices, purchase and utilization of equipment, increased cost of operation, and state and local tax compliance are just a few of the ever evolving challenges faced by transportation companies. While details matter in every company, this is particularly true in trucking, where ½ cent per mile can make a tremendous difference over the course of a year.

Trucking CPA Firm - Asheville CPA Firm JPS has been working with transportation companies for many years and understands your unique hurdles and opportunities. We understand the bottom-line significance that an apparently small change in margins can make. We work to move your company forward, offering an experienced team of professionals who provide tax, accounting and consulting services to leading transportation companies.

We help our transportation clients with key issues affecting their current and future success such as:

  • Multistate nexus – transportation companies cover a lot of ground. With each state having its own tax laws, it is essential to understand your multistate tax obligations.
  • Employee benefits – competition is intense for employees and drivers. The structure of your employees’ benefits, including per diem payments, can impact your competitive position and your tax liability.
  • Increasing regulatory requirements – safety, transportation and environmental regulations are rapidly evolving and increasing. Staying on top requires staying ahead.
  • Lane analysis – every fraction of a cent and every mile count when it comes to your profitability. Pricing & logistics analysis, including per mile costing and loaded and empty miles analysis can provide insight and opportunity for improved efficiency and profitability.
  • Owner operated arrangements – properly structuring and managing relationships with owner operators will keep your fleet operating at high capacity.
  • Financing – growth and opportunity often require outside capital contributions. Debt and equity financing structures provide different advantages.

Find out how JPS can be a strategic advantage for your business.