The technology industry takes competition to an entirely different level. Market leaders can come from almost anywhere, and today’s startup can be tomorrow’s next great global brand.

Technology Accounting - Boone CPA FIrm

JPS helps innovative companies stay ahead of business opportunities and challenges as they develop new technologies and grow their organizations. Our advisors provide advanced tax, assurance, consulting and accounting services to help technology companies create organizational value.

We help our technology clients with critical issues affecting their organizations including:

  • Growth and risk strategies – scaling and marketing new technology while continuing to innovate carries inherent risk. Understanding exit strategy will help you build value as you grow.
  • Competitive landscape – when technology drives the success of your organization, you can lead the pack one day and trail the next. Knowing the current and future states of your competition will help you manage growth and investment.
  • Funding and access to capital – developing and bringing new technology to market often requires significant investment. Attracting and properly structuring outside funding will keep you moving forward and retain positive momentum.
  • Ownership structure – your future organizational plans and your need for capital should complement your ownership structure and tax status. Organizational structure can have a tremendous impact on taxes depending on the type of ultimate liquidity event.
  • Exit strategies – technology companies frequently define success and exit strategies over shorter time periods than other businesses. Understanding and planning for a successful sale will help you maximize value.
  • Tax planning for highest benefit upon exit – maximizing value in a sale requires planning to minimize tax liability.
  • Multistate nexus – understanding your tax obligations from state to state will help you ensure compliance and avoid unexpected tax liabilities.
  • Complex accounting – with an ongoing need to attract new capital and accurately report financial information, technology companies often encounter more complex accounting than a similar sized non-technology company. The proper application of accounting standards on transactions involving derivatives, equity based compensation and revenue recognition can play an important role in your success.

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