Retail & Wholesale

Retail and wholesale industries are changing by the day. Technology is changing the buyer experience and with it consumer expectations and demands. Businesses are trying to keep ahead of emerging consumer trends while dealing with fundamental shifts in their business model. Brick and mortar retail models are being challenged by online models, while online retailers are seeking to recreate the in person experience. These seismic economic and consumer shifts are impacting every facet of the retail and wholesale business, from marketing and distribution to inventory and revenue recognition.

Retail Accounting - Asheville CPA FirmJPS serves many clients in the retail and wholesale industries, providing advanced tax, audit, accounting and consulting services to help you optimize your business model, minimize taxes while ensuring compliance, and remain competitive on a local and national level.

We help leading retail and wholesale clients with key issues in their rapidly evolving industry including:

  • Cybersecurity – recent events have highlighted the growing importance of cybersecurity. Data has rapidly become both the most important and most vulnerable asset of retail and wholesale businesses.
  • Distribution channels – consumers expect to buy anytime, anywhere, while enjoying a robust customer service experience. Online and brick and mortar models are converging.
  • Supply chain – providing an on-demand customer experience requires on-demand supply chain and inventory management.
  • Pricing and discounts – whether shopping online or in a store, competitive pricing is at the fingertips of your customers. Your pricing strategies have significant impact on revenue and profitability.
  • Multistate tax exposure – states are rapidly updating laws to recapture eroding sales tax revenue. Retailers need to stay ahead of changing tax laws across multiple states, ensuring compliance and mitigating risk and unknown liabilities.
  • International tax – a global consumer economy has made more and more retailers and wholesalers international players. Global compliance and tax minimization require the right team and the right strategy.

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