Real Estate Development

As the real estate industry rebounds, opportunities for profitable new developments are increasing. Successful real estate developers understand the importance of local market conditions and larger economic patterns while also keeping their eye on critical details like project costs, interest rates and property and income taxes.

The JPS team helps leading North Carolina developers mitigate risks, capitalize on opportunities and maximize profits for their ownership groups. We understand the complexities that exists in the different counties of Western North Carolina and can help you navigate through these challenges. We help real estate developers with issues affecting their success such as:

  • Traditional and alternative financing structures– access to capital is critical to the success of any development. Each company is unique and there is a need to evaluate financing alternatives including traditional bank debt financing, alternative debt financing and equity financing.
  • Green building and alternative energy incentives – real estate developers looking for a competitive advantage may find one with green building and alternative energy incentives. State and federal incentives including credits and deductions like the 179D deduction can increase after-tax returns and affect project viability.
  • Ownership structuring – new projects often require new investor groups and ownership structures. Analyzing ownership structure alternatives including partnerships and limited liability companies can help ensure desired results for items such as profit-sharing and buyouts.
  • Market risks and mitigation strategies – the value of developing strategies to mitigate the market risks in new development and your real estate portfolio.
  • Financial modeling and projections – developments often span several years, which makes consideration of the many variables affecting financial outcomes critical.

Find out how JPS can be a strategic advantage for your business.