Commercial and Residential Construction

Commercial Construction - Asheville CPAAs real estate markets bounce back and even surge in many areas across the country, commercial and residential construction companies are finding new opportunities for growth and expansion. Successful construction contractors understand how to make the most out of opportunities provided by economic expansion or contraction, maximizing their opportunities while protecting themselves from project and economic risks.

The JPS team of professionals help North Carolina construction companies minimize risks, maximize opportunities and increase project and organizational profitability. We provide unique financial insight and expertise into the leading issues facing construction contractors including:

  • Employment and contractor issues – state and federal taxing authorities are placing added emphasis on the proper categorization of employees and contractors.
  • Health insurance regulations – when your workforce fluctuates with your projects, health care laws can be challenging. Properly structuring your healthcare program helps ensure compliance while optimizing your competitive position in the market.
  • Green building and alternative energy incentives – contractors looking for a competitive advantage may find one with green building and alternative energy incentives. State and federal incentives including credits and deductions like the 179D deduction can increase after-tax returns and affect project viability.
  • Choice of various accounting methods – there are opportunities for planning and positioning via selection of available accounting methods, such as completed-contract, percentage-of-completion or alternative methods.

Find out how JPS can be a strategic advantage for your business.