Nonprofit, governmental and charitable organizations face many of the same challenges as their for-profit counterparts. Due to their unique structures and organizational missions, they also frequently face challenges that require unique experience and insight.

non profitAt JPS, we help local governments, charitable and civic organizations, educational foundations, community foundations, trade associations and other nonprofit organizations meet complex compliance requirements, optimize their organizational structure and fine tune funding source agreements and financing arrangements.

We help nonprofit organizations with key issues affecting their organizational effectiveness and sustainability including:

  • Compliance and tax controversy regarding exempt status – maintaining your tax exempt status is critical to your organization’s ability to fulfill your mission. Understanding compliance requirements can help you avoid or resolve controversy regarding your status.
  • Financing alternatives – nonprofits have many financing alternatives including tax-exempt bonds, taxable bonds, loans and bank direct placements. Effective capital planning requires knowing what is available and how to utilize various structures.
  • Revenue enhancements – grants, donations and other funding sources drive your organizations ability to sustain operations and affect your causes. Optimizing your fund generation efforts can increase your impact.
  • Oversight and BOD issues – your board of directors sets direction for your organization and provides much needed oversight. Building and maintaining a board the fits your organizational needs will help chart the right future for your nonprofit.
  • Accounting procedures & reporting – You need accurate and transparent reporting to your internal and external stakeholders. While a full audit may be necessary in some cases, agreed upon procedures engagements can provide limited scope assurance for specific audiences.
  • Equity Allocation – allocating your assets appropriately takes planning and knowledge of both objectives and restrictions. Some assets come with temporary or permanent restrictions governing there use.

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