manufacturingManufacturers face significant marketplace challenges, including increasing global competition, demands and opportunities for process improvement, and changes in industry standards and regulations. Despite challenges, American manufacturers are competing and winning in a globally competitive economy.

Our dedicated team of professionals brings industry experience, expertise and an intimate understanding of the financial, tax and management challenges manufacturers are facing. This team provides innovative and proven strategies to help our manufacturing clients get ahead and stay ahead of their competition. In addition, we have established strong working relationships with bankers, insurers, attorneys and other professionals, affording our clients a depth and breadth of resources unparalleled by other CPA firms in our marketplace.

We help manufacturers address critical issues affecting their current and future success such as:

  • Global competition and supply chains – manufacturers compete in a truly global economy. From raw material and supply sourcing to competing imports and export opportunities, successful manufacturers must analyze available data to make informed decisions.
  • Tax laws, regulations and opportunities – taxes and government regulation provide challenges and opportunities. Staying compliant is essential, while taking advantage of opportunities such as state and federal R&D tax credits and export incentives will give your company a competitive advantage.
  • Internal controls and fraud prevention – no organization is immune to fraud, but well-designed and monitored controls can mitigate your risk and protect your business.
  • Expansion and incentives – states and local municipalities are actively competing for jobs and economic benefits created by businesses. Incentives such as tax abatements and training grants can provide significant value.
  • Mergers and acquisitions – whether you are in the market to acquire or are looking to sell your business, being prepared will help you maximize value throughout the transaction process.
  • Cybersecurity – is the leading emerging threat to business. You need a strategic plan to protect your systems, intellectual property and customer data.

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