Restaurants operate in a rapidly-changing, highly-competitive landscape, sometimes on slim profit margins. With ever-changing consumer tastes, market trends and food price variability affecting their revenue and profitability, restaurant owners need every advantage to stay ahead of their competition.

Restaurant CPA - North Carolina CPA FirmThe JPS team helps independent and franchise restaurants identify areas for improvement related to pricing, management of human resources, market positioning and technology, allowing our clients to stay ahead of the competition and operate more efficiently. Our team provides sales tax, income tax, assurance, accounting and consulting services to restaurants throughout Western North Carolina.

We help leading restaurants and franchise groups with key issues affecting their profitability and sustainability such as:

  • Profit management – detailed profit margin analysis can help you improve overall profitability and inform wise investment decisions.
  • Expansion – choosing to open new locations or franchise your restaurant can turn a small business into a large enterprise. Expansion also brings financing, cash flow and management challenges.
  • Real estate management – owning restaurants often means owning real estate. Managing your real estate holdings while minimizing taxes requires a separate strategy.
  • Employee benefits – while restaurant employees are often viewed as transient, a great benefit plan can help you attract and retain top talent.
  • Entity structuring & ownership groups – new ventures often require new investment groups. Strategically structuring your entities can help you attract and reward investors while maintaining control.
  • Managing tax risk – managing your compliance risk related to employment tax, sales tax and income tax will help you avoid tax disputes and business interruptions.

Find out how JPS can be a strategic advantage for your business.