Country Clubs

Managing a successful country club is a challenging endeavor. Whether your club is a member-owned equity club or a private club without member equity, taxable or tax-exempt, you are challenged to create a service and membership model that will drive the revenue you need to create and maintain a highly marketable and valuable club.

Country Club Accounting - Asheville CPAJPS helps country clubs create sustainable management, membership and revenue models that enable ongoing success. Our advisors provide tax, audit, accounting and advisory services with unique insight into the country club business model.

We help our country clubs with key issues affecting their current and future success including:

  • Membership structuring for revenue optimization – aligning club membership options with market demand can increase revenues and profitability. Alternatives such as involving entire families in club activities can increase value provided and improve revenue models.
  • Profitability – many factors can affect the profitability of your club. Understanding your revenue, cost and profit models inside and out will help you make decisions that drive increased profitability.
  • Transitions of developer-controlled club to members – transferring ownership and management of your club from the developer to its members will require planning, guidance and experience.
  • Real estate management & tax optimization – country clubs occupy significant real estate. Managing your real estate assets to increase value and minimize property and income tax will keep your club profitable.
  • Future of golf – the future of your club is closely tied to the future of the sport of golf. Changes can be difficult to embrace, but analysis and consideration of them and their financial impact is critical.

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