Other Providers

shutterstock_80514508With continued expansion of ancillary healthcare providers in Western North Carolina, increased regulatory pressures and rapid practice consolidation and integration, ancillary healthcare practices are being challenged like never before. Successful practices know how to meet financial and regulatory challenges while continuously improving the patient care experience.

Our team helps ancillary groups, including speech, occupational and physical therapy groups successfully navigate through issues in the industry by:

  • Informed financial decisions for strategic acquisitions: return on investment analysis; benefits and mitigation of downside risk; advantageous term structure
  • Periodic strategic planning sessions that contribute to the overall growth plan for the business
  • Access to the business network and relationships that are part of the JPS community. Linkages to key business partners such as legal counsel, banking and investment advisory.
  • Holistic approach to client needs and goals. Ability to assist in growing business by taking a 360 perspective on the client’s situation.

Learn how JPS can be a strategic advantage for your practice.  Please contact a JPS professional listed below.