Dental Accounting - JPS CPAsIt’s an exciting and challenging time for dentists. Dental practices are looking for ideas to increase patient volume, streamline collections and make their practices more profitable.

At JPS, our dental practice advisors help clients solve their most pressing challenges and create value in the midst of change. We provide solutions related to:

  • Practice profitability – there’s no purpose in running a practice that isn’t profitable. We can help you maximize profitability by focusing on all aspects of your organization, increasing both your top and bottom line.
  • Hygiene service profitability – We can help our dental clients make hygiene a profit center.
  • Succession planning – the transition of your practice is one of the most important events in your career. We can help you with both personal and financial objectives.
  • Selling your dental practice – maximizing value in a sale necessitates planning, preparation and knowledge of the acquisition process. We can help you every step of the way.
  • Collections and billing management – running a profitable practice requires optimizing your collections and reimbursements. Our advisors can help you recover more of the revenue you’ve earned.
  • Consolidation / integration – Practice consolidation is becoming more commonplace.   Our dental advisors understand today’s economic landscape and tomorrow’s challenges, and can assist in the decision to integrate your practice into a larger group.

Our dental practice advisors would love to be your strategic business partner. Let’s talk!