Family Business

shutterstock_114367615Closely-held and family-owned businesses make up a significant part of nearly every industry in our market. At JPS, we have been focused on serving family businesses ever since the start of our firm. We understand that the success of your family business is critical to the achievement of personal and family goals and that the management of your business must be done with both business and family objectives in mind.

We are committed to providing the information and services that our family-owned clients require including industry expertise, tax planning, tax preparation, assurance, technology services and succession planning.

We are a sponsor of UNC Asheville’s Family Business Forum, which presents programs and activities that are designed to enhance the viability of closely-held businesses in Western North Carolina.

We help family business owners plan for personal and organizational success with:

  • Succession and estate planning – every business owner has unique goals for their company. Planning for succession, business continuity and generational asset transfer can help ensure that what you’ve build brings the greatest value.
  •  Income and estate tax planning – minimizing tax liability is critical to maximizing the value your business provides. Planning for the minimization of income and estate taxes is essential to ensuring that your business creates value for your family.
  • Strong accountability and reporting – family businesses need confidence in the decisions of management to sustain success from one generation to the next. As ownership interests expand, management should build transparency and accountability into their business decisions.

Learn how JPS services can be a strategic advantage for your Family Business.