Entrepreneurial and Startup Companies

As an entrepreneur, you are driven by a desire to build value in your organization. Your ability to create value hinges not only on your ability to bring new products, services and solutions to market, but also on your ability to raise and deploy capital and meet your cash flow obligations. You have to see new opportunities before your competitors and put your resources into action quickly and decisively. To do so, you have to be able to make predictions about the future and have the ability to act in pursuit of new opportunities.

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JPS understands the motivation, mindset and challenges of entrepreneurs. Our advisors can help you plan for the full lifecycle of your company, from startup to transition or sale. We focus on helping entrepreneurial clients maximize organizational value, ensuring that accounting and financial decisions align with personal and organizational objectives. We provide tax, audit, accounting and business advisory services to help you focus on growth and value creation.

We help entrepreneurs with key issues affecting their companies including:

  • Financial and capital structure – your financing will affect your cash flow, your ability to grow and the value you receive from your business. Financing decisions should align with both short and long-term objectives.
  • Organizational structure and entity design – organizational structure affects many aspects of your ability to grow, including your ability to raise new capital and your tax liabilities.
  • Choice of entity structure – your entity structure will help to chart the course of your organization. Selecting between different corporate or other structures requires understanding of your objectives and the benefits and characteristics of different structures.
  • Forecasts and projections – accurate financial forecasts lead to informed and intelligent management decisions. You need the right information and analysis before your make your next move.

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