Business Listing Form Deadline With Buncombe County Tax Assessment

Business Tax_Buncombe County_CPABusinesses in Buncombe County are required to file a Business Listing Form between January 1st – January 31st each year to the Buncombe County Tax Assessment office. 

A 2018 audit conducted by Buncombe County Tax Assessment concluded that many business owners are unaware of this longstanding law.  As a result, the department is providing a campaign to raise awareness and encouraging businesses to file for an extension, if needed.  Businesses should apply for an extension no later than January 31, 2020.  Reasons for extension may include needing more time to file.  

Business List Form requires identifying business personal property, including but not limited to, items such as furniture, fixtures, computers, equipment and machinery.

Want to know more? Click here or call the Buncombe County Tax Assessment office at 828-250-4930.