Biometric Screenings For JPS Employees

Biometric screenings for JPS employees is one way Johnson Price Sprinkle PA (JPS), a leading CPA firm with offices in Asheville, Boone, and Marion, NC, is helping its employees to stay healthy.

JPS employees had blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, and body composition measurements taken at each respective office location.  Following every biometric screening, a registered nurse provided personalized understanding and feedback to each employee in a private, one-on-one consultative session. Participants also receive a free Fitbit to track their daily exercise.

“It was really neat to have nurses come into our office and provide us with instant health results. It was especially important to me because I have not found a doctor yet since my doctor retired and I was really pleased with my results.  It’s so nice to have a workplace that cares about my well-being.” – Kellie Kanipe, JPS Manager

JPS values its team and strives to implement healthy practices into the workplace. Short walks, YMCA memberships, healthy meals during tax season, stretching videos, and, a 5K run/walk as part of an annual firm-wide family event, are some health-geared regimes currently in place.

JPS encourages employers to implement wellness strategies into their workplace.  If you’d like to learn more about Johnson Price Sprinkle’s health initiatives, contact Stephanie Emerson, JPS Director of Firm Administration.

JPS Biometric Screenings


JPS Noel Swartz has glucose screeningJPS Alisha Cutter having height/weight/body mass calculated for biometric screening

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